Finding Ourselves


What is an adventure?

According to, an adventure is “an exciting or very unusual experience.”

I like to believe every day is an adventure that’s yet to unfold. An adventure that’s at the tips of our fingers to make of it as we desire.

Much like that old trail you’ve traveled time and time again, each time is new, thrilling and full of unusual experiences. Experiences only something far greater than we could create. Who that creator may or may not be is for your heart to decide.

Each new day I seem to find out just a little more about myself. Much like the discoveries I make about both myself and the world around me while hiking these woods.

I like to think I find myself a little more each time. I enjoy the bonding with friends, the solitude and time for reflection, and most of all, the experiences and adventures along the way. Many things are found while hiking, but it never fails, we always seem to find ourselves a little more each time.

What if we treated each new day like the start of a new trail, or perhaps, the continuation of the same one? After all, this is our journey.

“Let us venture through life as if it’s a great trail without a known destination.”



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