What is equality to you?

To me equality is standing up for the voice that’s never heard & for the rights that everyone deserves.

Equality is standing up for the LGBT community as a straight 22-year-old male in society. Why? Because I can. Because I believe each individual has the right to love whoever he or she wants.

On a more personal level, I have friends who are active member of this community and they desire to see the vision and mission of the organization to succeed and progress. Because of that alone, regardless of my personal thoughts, I fully support and respect the views and visions of the LGBT community. Their voices matter & their love matters.

I respect equality & I long for our nation to fully understand and express it. I feel we, as individuals and as a nation, are all at the liberty to love and desire whomever and whatever we want. Skin color, religious background, sexual orientation or any minor detail in between should not change that.

I am a proud republican and I am a Christian. I support the rights of those who do not have a voice & I stand alongside those individuals who believe in and desire for equality.

Equality starts in us — not in others. We must change our own heart before reaching into another’s.

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