A little faith goes a long way 

As I was just  about to head to bed, I had to remind myself to have a little faith… 

“Why?” You may ask. Because I’ve been tired for a long time now. I’ve been exhausted both physically and mentally, trying to take on more than I could handle while also thinking I had the ability to fix several problems in my life and personal relationships that were far out of my hands. I thought I was in control when I wasn’t. 

I think sometimes we need to step back and remind ourselves that we’re not God and we’re NOT in control. He is. I notice now, looking back on the past, how I always tried to play Hercules and fix all the problems. I wouldn’t be surprised if I even created an issue or two not realizing it, all because I wanted to “fix it”. The thing is, I can’t fix all the problems that life throws at me because I’m not suppose to. None of us can. 

Then I got to thinking a little more… What if we’re not meant to fix our problems? What if we’re suppose to learn from them and grow as an individual, a friend, a parent, a colleague, or whatever it may be. After all, like Emerson said “life’s a journey, not a destination.”

Sure, life’s tough sometimes, but it gets better and with a little faith our smile comes back bigger and brighter than ever before. I’ve been faking my smile while secretly begging it to come out for a few months now, but It’s starting to genuinely come out and there’s no greater feeling. To know you’re finding that drive and purpose in life that makes you happy is incredible. Everyone deserves to feel it

Life is far too short for us to ever let anyone or anything make us feel like we’re not worthy of all the happiness and joy in the world. Next time you’re tired and feel like you’re at it all alone, just remember.. A little faith goes a long way. It will get better. 


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