A Note to Mom: Happy Mothers Day

Happy Mother’s Day. 

Thanks for everything you’ve done and continue to do for me. Even though I probably don’t show or say it near as much as I should, I’m truly thankful for you. 

It’s funny actually, because we’re just alike, yet so different in the same. I guess that’s partly what causes us to argue and disagree a ton, or the fact that we’re both stubborn as hell.. No matter what, there’s nobody else I can count on like you, because it’s always been you and me on a team. It’s a unique and special bond, one unlike any other. 

Life as your son for the past 23 years has been one hell of a ride and I couldn’t imagine what this journey would be like without you. We’ve gone through and overcome so much while creating a lifetime of memories along the way (and we’re only 23 years in). But who’s counting? Here’s to 23 more years filled with just as many laughs, good times & new experiences! 

Indoor Basketball – November 2016

So here’s to you mom, because you’re the most adventurous, crazy, kind-hearted and life-living individual I’ve ever met. It just so happens I’m lucky enough to call you mom. Thanks for simply being you & for constantly showing me what unconditional love is. You’re the bomb! 

Easter Lunch — April 2017

Happy Mothers Day — I love you.💜

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