Less is More

Less is More

In the world we live in today the mentality is often “MORE. MORE. MORE!” It’s as if people think the more we have, the better off we are, the happier we are or the more we’ve accomplished. At the end of the day, what can more money or materialistic items give you? 

Sure, it can buy you a fancy dinner, a round of drinks for your friends at the bar, and a closet full of clothes that you never wear just to name a few. That’s great and all, but it still can’t fulfill our desire to be happy or loved. 

Many of us have too much to even see what truly makes us happy. That’s the sad part about the world we live in today.. We could start by looking at the people around us. Odds are, despite our material possessions, we each likely have friends, family, a pet, or something that gives us purpose. 

Something that shows us that money isn’t everything, but memories can last a lifetime. Less is more. 

A Note to Mom: Happy Mothers Day

A Note to Mom: Happy Mothers Day

Happy Mother’s Day. 

Thanks for everything you’ve done and continue to do for me. Even though I probably don’t show or say it near as much as I should, I’m truly thankful for you. 

It’s funny actually, because we’re just alike, yet so different in the same. I guess that’s partly what causes us to argue and disagree a ton, or the fact that we’re both stubborn as hell.. No matter what, there’s nobody else I can count on like you, because it’s always been you and me on a team. It’s a unique and special bond, one unlike any other. 

Life as your son for the past 23 years has been one hell of a ride and I couldn’t imagine what this journey would be like without you. We’ve gone through and overcome so much while creating a lifetime of memories along the way (and we’re only 23 years in). But who’s counting? Here’s to 23 more years filled with just as many laughs, good times & new experiences! 

Indoor Basketball – November 2016

So here’s to you mom, because you’re the most adventurous, crazy, kind-hearted and life-living individual I’ve ever met. It just so happens I’m lucky enough to call you mom. Thanks for simply being you & for constantly showing me what unconditional love is. You’re the bomb! 

Easter Lunch — April 2017

Happy Mothers Day — I love you.💜

Wednesday Thoughts: Between the Pines

Wednesday Thoughts: Between the Pines

As I lay here in my hammock, surrounded by good friends, chirping birds & that one menacing little squirrel that can’t seem to figure out which tree to climb, I can’t help but soak in the peacefulness and beauty of the world around me. 

It could be the smell of the fresh, pine filled breeze, or the warm feeling you get from the sun as it bronzes your neck just a little too much. Who knows, maybe it’s the sound of the boats gliding across the water down below, or maybe, the constant noises of nature chiming in from all around you. 

Whatever it is, it provides feelings of contentment and comfort— a feeling as if I’ve temporarily escaped reality. Despite the battles I’m fighting, issues I’m facing, or decisions I need to make, a little time between the pines always seems to do me well. It amazes me how staring into the treetops for just a few minutes can completely impact my mindset and  outlook on this journey we call ‘life’ in such a positive and uplifting way. 

Here’s to making the most of this journey and to admiring all it’s beauty along the way. 

“Though we travel the world over to find the beautiful, we must carry it with us or we find it not.” -RWE


Life can be full of them. If you’re anything like myself, you can’t seem to avoid them sometimes..and when it rains, it pours. 

The problem with mistakes is that they happen and once something happens it cannot simply be undone. Not words, actions, or even thoughts. It can only be reacted to & learned from. Otherwise, our time is a waste & we’re not given this life for it to be taken for granted. 

I’m constantly reminding myself, “Keep moving forward!” Why? Because Mistakes are inevitable, learning from ours is a choice. 

Make the choice. 

It’s created, never found. 

It’s created, never found. 

Happiness is the one thing everyone seeks in this life, yet it’s often never found. 

For months I searched for happiness. I tried to rediscover that joy that once filled my life, you know, that feeling of peace and contentment that fills your body when you know everything’s okay. 

The feelings of comfort and stability that takes your mind out of time, because you’re just genuinely happy &  full of life—truly living in the sentiments.  

What I didn’t realize was, I was searching for something that couldn’t be found. After all, one cannot simply find happiness as if it were a magic potion in a bottle. But it can be created. 

So let us wake up each day with intentions to create an abundance of happiness—enough for ourselves and others. 

What’s down your path?

What’s down your path?

“The best way out is always through.” – Robert Frost


I feel like Robert Frost hit the nail on the head with this quote.
We take a look at what life has thrown at us and we tackle it head on. For many, it’s a choice similar to picking right or left on a path. For others, it may be a lot more complex and difficult. You have two options, left or right? I like to think the paths we travel develop us into who we’re truly meant to be. After all, if everything didn’t happen for a reason, what would the purpose of life be anyway?

I’ve recently come to learn that life isn’t always what it seems. Sometimes we’re setup for success and great happiness, then it’s ripped from us. Other times we expect the absolute worst and we’re shocked with an unforeseen blessing. It’s just the luck of the draw, I suppose.

I look at this journey through life as a road or a pathway, because you never truly know what’s ahead on a  road never traveled before. You just have to travel it and make the most of each step or mile. Sure, there will be stop lights, accidents, setbacks, or even times where you have to choose a direction once again. But as long as you’re moving forward you’re making progress. Just live. 

This life is pretty incredible. Why would one not want to travel their road as long as they can?