What is equality to you?

What is equality to you?

To me equality is standing up for the voice that’s never heard & for the rights that everyone deserves.

Equality is standing up for the LGBT community as a straight 22-year-old male in society. Why? Because I can. Because I believe each individual has the right to love whoever he or she wants.

On a more personal level, I have friends who are active member of this community and they desire to see the vision and mission of the organization to succeed and progress. Because of that alone, regardless of my personal thoughts, I fully support and respect the views and visions of the LGBT community. Their voices matter & their love matters.

I respect equality & I long for our nation to fully understand and express it. I feel we, as individuals and as a nation, are all at the liberty to love and desire whomever and whatever we want. Skin color, religious background, sexual orientation or any minor detail in between should not change that.

I am a proud republican and I am a Christian. I support the rights of those who do not have a voice & I stand alongside those individuals who believe in and desire for equality.

Equality starts in us — not in others. We must change our own heart before reaching into another’s.

A man’s best friend

A man’s best friend

img_0095A dog is a companion like no other. They’ll always find a way to put a smile on your face, even though they drive you completely insane at times.

I remember when I was younger (maybe 12 or 13 years old), I heard a man say “a dog is the only creature that will truly love with the their entire heart, their whole life.” This is so accurate.

Sure, family members, friends and significant others love us deeply, but not with everything they have for their entire life. Not even our parents or spouse has the ability to love us in this manner. Only a dog — a man’s best friend.


A dog will stand by your side through it all. The good, the bad and the ugly. Regardless the situation, that four-legged creature will run to you and love on you. Thankfully dogs don’t see color or religion, nor do they care about political views, sexual orientation or anything in between.

A dog simply cares about your heart. If you’ll love it, it’ll love you back. These animals truly are incredible. We can only hope mankind will one day love in this manner. Wars would end instantly.

For me, that best friend’s name is Tucker. He’s my 75 pound fur child and he’s a clumsy, twisted mixture of chaos and perfect. Our journey together is nearly five years strong and let me tell you, this dog has been by my side through it all.

Five years of life & the many adventures it’s brought so far. Here’s to five more!

Tell us about your fur child?


Finding Ourselves


What is an adventure?

According to Dictionary.com, an adventure is “an exciting or very unusual experience.”

I like to believe every day is an adventure that’s yet to unfold. An adventure that’s at the tips of our fingers to make of it as we desire.

Much like that old trail you’ve traveled time and time again, each time is new, thrilling and full of unusual experiences. Experiences only something far greater than we could create. Who that creator may or may not be is for your heart to decide.

Each new day I seem to find out just a little more about myself. Much like the discoveries I make about both myself and the world around me while hiking these woods.

I like to think I find myself a little more each time. I enjoy the bonding with friends, the solitude and time for reflection, and most of all, the experiences and adventures along the way. Many things are found while hiking, but it never fails, we always seem to find ourselves a little more each time.

What if we treated each new day like the start of a new trail, or perhaps, the continuation of the same one? After all, this is our journey.

“Let us venture through life as if it’s a great trail without a known destination.”



What’s down your path?

What’s down your path?

“The best way out is always through.” – Robert Frost


I feel like Robert Frost hit the nail on the head with this quote.
We take a look at what life has thrown at us and we tackle it head on. For many, it’s a choice similar to picking right or left on a path. For others, it may be a lot more complex and difficult. You have two options, left or right? I like to think the paths we travel develop us into who we’re truly meant to be. After all, if everything didn’t happen for a reason, what would the purpose of life be anyway?

I’ve recently come to learn that life isn’t always what it seems. Sometimes we’re setup for success and great happiness, then it’s ripped from us. Other times we expect the absolute worst and we’re shocked with an unforeseen blessing. It’s just the luck of the draw, I suppose.

I look at this journey through life as a road or a pathway, because you never truly know what’s ahead on a  road never traveled before. You just have to travel it and make the most of each step or mile. Sure, there will be stop lights, accidents, setbacks, or even times where you have to choose a direction once again. But as long as you’re moving forward you’re making progress. Just live. 

This life is pretty incredible. Why would one not want to travel their road as long as they can?


A new day…

A new day…

What is life?

Those upset, angry, lost, broken or just tired, both mentally and physically, might ask themselves this question. I know I sure have. Many times. The thing about it is, life is everything. We just don’t always allow ourselves to see it.

I believe life is realizing yesterday is gone and that tomorrow is a new day. As for today, embrace it. It’s yours! Yesterday is the past. Learn from it, but leave it there. It shouldn’t impact your tomorrow. I think life is realizing you alone are far more than enough. It’s loving who you are.

When you feel like giving up or giving in, just remember, this is your journey and you’re no where near your destination yet. Your story is still being told, tell it loudly.

Ralph Waldo Emerson once said, “Life is a journey, not a destination.”

To me, life is realizing tomorrow is a new day. A day that you owe yourself.


—National Suicide Prevention Lifeline 1-800-273-8255—